What is your case number? Oh, and by the way, we are all very sorry.

Still I am not happy with Bank of America. If I get the letter tomorrow I’ll be sure and report back and I will also keep the executive customer relations number handy and use that any time I have a reason to call. Lucky them.”
(Quote from Thursday’s post.)

I am reporting back — a day late but the story is the same.

I did receive the FedEx letter on Friday. I also received the letter that I was told was mailed on June 24th which, according to my crazy thinking, was the original of the correct fax I received the week before. Well, the letter I received in the USPS mail was WRONG, VERY WRONG! It was a copy of another fax I received that was WRONG, VERY WRONG!

No worries, I have the FedEx letter that was sent from the CEO Customer Relations office. I open it, great this is what just what we need. I call Drew to tell him and that’s when I noticed it — The account number was wrong on one of my accounts. I quickly checked my accounts online to be sure . . . maybe all the other letters and faxes were wrong but nope, not the case.

Speaking of cases — Can you believe this? I have a case number at Bank of America because I am unable to get a correct copy of the reference letter I requested on June 6th. So, once again, I called. At least when you call the Executive Customer Relations office you don’t have to press a million numbers to get to anyone — and right now that is the only good thing.

I tell the Executive Rep what happened. She is so sorry and she says she is, as we speak, contacting the person who sent the letter. “Okay, she just responded and she is very sorry. She has corrected it. I could have her call you to discuss the best way to get the letter to you,” says the rep. “FedEx it. I want it Tuesday and have her call me and give me the tracking number asap. Tell her to make sure to check off  “No signature required,” I respond, “She can leave the number on my answering machine.” “Okay, well sometimes Federal Express will not leave the package if they think . . . ” she rambles. I cut her off, “No signature required, they will leave it. I need it and I’m not sitting home waiting for it.

I had to call back for the tracking number and that’s when I asked, “So whatever happened to my original request on June 6th? It was processed on June 11th. Where is it?” Everybody wants to make it right and everybody is sorry but nobody seems to care what went wrong. I’d like to know why this has become such a mess. Faxes that were sent from B of A to my local branch and never received . . . letters that were requested and never received . . . all with the wrong information.

Everybody’s sorry but they can’t be that sorry . . . otherwise that letter would be in my hand already — (next day by noon.) As it is, it’s promised by Tuesday at 3:00 pm. Right now it is sitting at the local FedEx Facility in Hicksville (with note: Package not due for delivery) — a mere 15 minutes away! (Can I get someone to read it to me?) I should have insisted on a Saturday delivery. Silly me I thought they would just send it overnight to get it to me asap.

The executive rep I spoke with said that she is contacting the person who actually sent out my original reference letter (requested on June 6th) to see what address it was sent to. What address it was sent to? Is she kidding? “What do you mean what address? It’s my address listed on my account!” 

Ahhhh, she said she would get back to me on this. And, yes, she was very sorry. I went to bed at 2 in the morning last night. No phone call!

Still I am not happy with Bank of America.


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