Thank Goodness for Speakerphones

Forget about summarizing . . . I am on hold now. If Bank of America can’t get this right can I trust them with my money?  Still no fax. Oops, just got a real person on the phone. She said the department I need to deal with is closed on the weekends. But she will resolve it and get the letter faxed over today. Yeah, I heard that one before!!!!

Anyone have a bank they can recommend?

That’s it for today. I’m beat already.

Still on hold. Still on hold . . . They are sending the fax over.

Picked up the fax and it’s WRONG!!!!! They listed too many accounts. I only wanted the joint accounts.

So I go home and call AGAIN . .  Finally I get someone on the phone who thinks he knows something . . . and you know what he says . . . we can’t do that (meaning only list the three accounts.) So after two weeks of bank reps asking me what accounts I want listed and wasting all this time he’s telling me it can’t be done — even though it was done yesterday but incorrectly. Nice, huh?

Mail just came — still no letter.

Did I mention that each of these phone calls over 45 minutes long? Do I sound aggravated?


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