I’m a sucker for cheap plants

but I still manage to pay top dollar for them. You know, if you go to Home Depot at the right time you can get some pretty nice plants. Today I took a ride to Martin Viette to stroll through the nursery and also say hello to a friend who works there. Nice perennials. I found a few interesting ones that would look good in my garden but, at one point, I decided to wait a few weeks when everything goes on sale. So I kept walking back and forth. Should I buy or should I wait? That took up a large part of my day.

I decided to buy some gardening gloves instead. I had a great pair of heavy duty gardening gloves . . . perfect for handling roses. Can’t find them and I didn’t like the selection they had at Martin Viette. So I strolled back to the shade perennials. I kept thinking of that empty dark spot in my garden and I knew that Hosta ‘Sum and Substance’ would look terrific there. So, once again, I circled the area. Walking, touching, checking the prices, and then I struck . . . I grabbed the hosta and as I walked towards the cashier I picked up a blue mouse ear hosta — adorable. I think it will look good in a pot. Pictures when I plant them — maybe tomorrow if it doesn’t rain.

Stopped at Home Depot for some paint and couldn’t decide what to buy so I walked thru the gardening section. Found the Hosta ‘Sum and Substance’ on sale for five dollars less than I paid. But I think mine looks much better. Was tempted to pick up a few variegated boxwoods for $7.98. I didn’t buy them but I think I should have. Instead I bought a pair of good sturdy gloves, just what I needed for $3.98.

Day complete.


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