Never enough hours in the day for shredding

My shredder can’t keep up with me. It pooped out on me again. I’ve been shredding for hours and the shredder can’t take it. It is now on break, once again. I don’t know how long this will last but there is nothing I can do about it. I just have to wait until it is ready to shred again.

I’m trying not to read each document I shred but I’m afraid I’ll shred some important piece of information. Or, maybe even a credit voucher that I forgot about and can’t be replaced — like the one I threw out years ago. I was cleaning out the files — just like I am doing today — no shredder then, just a big garbage bag — and threw out an airline voucher. Can’t remember how much it was for but it was from an airline that was going under and this precious piece of paper was all there was to prove that I was able to use a credit towards another flight somewhere somehow. Well, as precious as that piece of paper was, it went right into the garbage and that is probably why I save so much crap now. I’m pretty sure tomorrow I am going to need one of those pieces of paper that I shredded today.

While the shredder is on coffee break maybe I should try to clean off the dining room table. This is where my organizational skills really kick in. I go through all the papers on the table and make various piles. I’ll throw something out and I will probably move a few things to the kitchen counter to be brought downstairs to be filed (or shredded.) Then I will take the new piles of stuff and stack em up to make one pile. I will then take the pile and move it to the other end of the table. Voila! Done.

Hmm, break over — time to shred.


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