A Disturbing Dream

Drew walks up to me and says, “I saw signs over there and I think your brother wrote them. I think he may need help.” So I go over to the restaurant to check if it’s Steve’s handwriting. It’s a far walk and I end up inside the restaurant , looking out through a large picture window towards the ocean. I see my brother, Steve, looking in — but it seems like a one way mirror because he doesn’t see me. He’s just there. He’s wearing a white hat, his hair is above shoulder length. He turns and walks away. I start looking for a way out.

I realize that I left my phone in Drew’s car so I couldn’t call him and tell him I would be a while.

I run through the restaurant and find a way out but my brother is gone. I go back into the restaurant and as I’m quickly walking out the side door someone stops me, “Can I help you?” she says, “Are you looking someone?” I nod my head — yes. She points out the door and my brother is standing there.

One question,” he says to the woman. Apparently he is going to be working at the restaurant. I say I have to run because I don’t have my phone. So next we are back where I left Drew but he already left.

My brother forgot to ask a question at the restaurant so Hannah has an answer for him. I use her phone to call Drew. Meanwhile, my brother is walking around the grocery store with a shopping cart. I see him throw a big roast beef in the cart.

Drew answers his cell phone. It’s been hours since I spoke to him. I tell him what happened but he is angry. “We’re through,” he yells. I’m startled — this is not the way of Drew at all. As soon as he says that, Hannah starts crying, and there is silence. Seconds later I wake up but I don’t open my eyes. It was more a jolt and then I realize it was a dream. It felt so real. And then I remember that my brother has been dead for 8 years.

Very disturbing.

Right before I went to bed I read something which was dated July 3rd. I thought maybe that is what triggered this dream. My brother, Steve, was born on July 3rd.


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