Who is eating potato chips on the couch?

That would be me. What is my problem? What happened to my skinny dream?  I already had a fudgsicle today. I’m thinking about the bon bons in the freezer now. I don’t get it. Maybe I’m just frustrated today. My back hurts again. I was fine all weekend — hours of gardening, hours of packing up my car with speakers — lifting, bending, standing, sitting — and to top it off I spent all day Sunday sitting in the car.

Today I had a plan — Drew was using my car while hiswas in the shop. I’ll spendthe day cleaningup — damn, what iswith this computer — my Apple warranty is over and now the keyboard isgiving me problems. Today it is the space bar. The other day it was the letter B.

It’s dark, it’sthundering, but stillno rain.

So today  I’mcleaning the living room, the dining room, and I get to the bathroom . . . I’mgetting a lot done. I spray the glass shower door and reach up to wipe it down — and that’s when ithappened. I must have pulled a muscle. Nothappy!! Pain.

Where is the rain? My flowers need rain. Thunder, wind but no rain!

I’mpretty sure I would feel better if I had a dark chocolate bar to munch on. The Yankee game is on rain delay . . . which isprobably a good thing and this space bar problem isdrivingme (and you crazy.)

Gotta go.


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