Loose Ends

Today is a very very very hot hot day. Hannah is home and she is packing, repacking, and drying her underwear in the backyard. She’s leaving for Turkey tonight. It’s amazing what goes on in her head . . . the decisions — black socks, hair gel, big backpack or small one, one skirt, two skirt, red shirt, blue shirt . . . and the list goes on. Hannah is an overpacker . . . she didn’t get it from me.

“I guess I’ll start packing,” I just heard her say to Sam. What could she be thinking? Sam(antha) is her travel partner. They have travelled overseas together before and continue to be friends. Good sign.

Text just received from Hannah (using Sam’s phone) — she is at JFK flying Business Class to Istanbul: “It’s hannah. I’m in the lounge. It’s mad fancy. They have free food and drinks. I could get used to this. Xo”


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