It was a very very very long long day

It’s funny, he goes on and on and she says it in one sentence,” Drew blurts. Well slap me in the face . . . is he talking about us?

It’s 7:15 am on Sunday and we are on our way to Winchester, Virginia with a car full of speakers. Our final destination: A Super Walmart parking lot. The radio is on.”Remember when Sunday morning was all religious programming? I like this better — philosophy. I find it interesting,” he says as he turns up the volume.

I look at him and smile and I’m thinking — uh oh, is he going to want to discuss. I better put on my listening ears.

He’s listening, he giggles. “Even that becomes . . . ” and then, “I think he’s missing the point. ” Drew is listening and commenting out loud as we drive out of New York and into Jersey.

Is the radio still on? Listen, listen, listen. I’m trying. I really am . . . It’s not working. So much chitter chatter in my head. I just can’t seem to pay attention to the words. I hope he doesn’t want to discuss. Nah, I doubt it. He knows better.

So you came with me just to document the trip,” he says to me as I snap a picture of the GPS. “No, I want to spend the day sitting next to you in the car. It’s my drew time and I don’t want to miss any of it,” I say with all my heart and soul.

(What am I crazy — 5 1/2 hours each way in one day??????)

Well, yes, I documented it, kind of. It passed the time. On the way back home did the Newsday crossword puzzle and that was sad. I wanted to call Nancy because I know she could have helped us out. I guess Sunday’s crossword puzzle is real hard . . . right? We really do know how to have fun.

Got home and there was a message from Janet. I called her. “They just found my luggage. I’ve been on the phone all day,” she screams into the phone. “Luggage? Where are you now?”  I quietly say. “Virginia,” she answers.

And now — some highlights of our trip to Virginia:

Not in chronological order

Drew was right — the astrophysicist on the radio did go on and on and the interviewer did sum it up in one sentence. Yup, that’s us!!!

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One response to “It was a very very very long long day

  1. Nancy

    You should have called!

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