I can’t believe I deleted a post

Gone is “Tell me about yourself — eh, not so much.”

Whatever happened to ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO DELETE THIS? Do you think there is any way I can get this post back? I was correcting a word in the post and hit update. Then I decided to change something else but I must have hit something and the cursor went to the title and as I updated it I noticed it. So I went back to my posts and found the one with no title and went to click on it but my finger slipped and the cursor went to TRASH!!!!

I tried to stop it. There was no warning. Nothing . . . it is gone. Oh well, the title was the best part anyway!!!!
Just words on a page — so why did I feel like Steven Ezra came over and cleaned out my closets while I was on the phone in another room?

Not in the mood to write now. Too traumatized!

UPDATE:  Found it in my trash but when I tried to restore it it came back with an error. Then when I looked again it was gone — not in the trash but on the blog. Ah, all is well. Still, I’m not feeling like writing much today. I think I’ll shred . . . papers, that is!


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