Feed Me and I’ll Be Nice

I folded up my grocery list and headed out to Trader Joe’s yesterday. I’m always surprised when I get to the store, search all my pockets, and come up listless. Nope, not the right word but it sounds good. Okay, what I mean is ‘without a list’ — list less — ha ha . . . forget it. But I did have my list and I shopped and I ate.

I always make it a point to sample whatever they are serving. I read the ingredients to make sure I am not allergic, then I sample whatever they are serving and if I like it I stand around and wait til no one is looking and take a second sample. Afterwards I always have a sip of sample tea or coffee. Their coffee is too weak for my taste but that is probably just how they make it.

Yesterday I sampled the Yogi Green Tea Super Antioxidant Tea and I really liked it. Bought 3 boxes — one each for me, Rachel, and Hannah. Pretty tasty. I like green tea but I always feel like it needs a little something. I don’t care for the jasmine green tea because I’m not such a big fan of jasmine. This particular tea was very tasty — a hint of jasmine and lemon grass, along with other ingredients — had a slight sweetness to it. Liked it. Hope I still like it when I brew it at home.

Apparently this tea “helps restore a feeling of youthful energy.” I can’t wait.

So, as I wait on the line I read over my list. Got it, got it, got it. I pay, I’m all packed up and that’s when I remember I needed almond milk. I left my bag at the register and prance over to get the container of milk. As I walk back I notice a short line. I figured I would just pay quickly and pick up my bag on the way out. Problem with the short line is that the one person in front of me has a full basket. I stand behind her with my ONE item. She turns, looks at me, and pushes her cart closer to the register, and turns away from me. Clearly she was not letting me ahead.

I went over to the line where my bag was. There, once again, was one person in front of me. I waited and the cashier looked over at me, smiled (she’s always smiling, wish I could remember her name, met her years ago when Hannah and I went for knitting lessons,) and then asked the woman in front of me if I could quickly pay for my one item. She said, “Oh sure.”  “Thanks, it’s my second time waiting on line,” I said. “No problem, of course, why would I say no?” she happily says as she sips her sample tea and nibbles on her sample food and I think of the woman with the full basket and no sample  food in her mouth. “I think it’s because they feed us here and it makes us happy,” I reply.

Yes, I really did say that.


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One response to “Feed Me and I’ll Be Nice

  1. Nancy

    The knitting lady is Lori Falbo. Yes…I do know who you are talking about because I know EVERYBODY. And now you know that I am JUST reading your blog. I started with January a few days ago and am up to May. Unlike some of the books you have complained about in your posts, I am, in fact, being CALLED to your blog every day! LOL Nancy

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