The Power of Facebook . . . or Not!

Wow, yesterday I posted the link to my blog on my Facebook page and my readership went through the roof! Now that’s exciting. Well, that was exciting until Drew asked me to check the stats and see if I could tell who reads what. It seems he sent a link of my March 28th post to Art Dudley a writer at Stereophile and he wanted to see if any one read it. So I investigated further and noticed that on this particular day (yesterday) the readership was high but there were no high numbers for one particular post. It looked like one person was reading through my blog day by day — all at once and then Drew giggled and said, “Oh, maybe that’s all me. I was catching up on all the days that I missed.” Great, that sure was a lot of days he missed. Can’t believe he let it slide for so long.

Almost nine o’clock in the evening and waiting for Drew. He just called so I guess it is time to start getting dinner together.

(Oops, just realized I didn’t post this yesterday. Oh, well — here goes.)

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