Cleaning With Ezra

I am exhausted. Steven, my nephew, came back today to finish cleaning up the laundry room. Filled up two vacuum cleaner bags and tons of garbage bags. The living room is filled with give-away stuff. I want to say we did it but it is more like he than we.

I picked Steven up from the train today and drove right to Home Depot to pick up a steel shelf. It weighed 60 pounds and I couldn’t lift it the other day so I waited for him.

I tried to keep an eye on him while he went through everything in the laundry room because his first choice is always, “I think we should throw it out.

I kept offering him food. “Wanna take a break and eat something,” I ask in between wheezing (from all the dust.) “No thanks, Aunt Vicki, I want to get this done.” Damn, who says this? Doesn’t everybody want a break? He wouldn’t stop til it was all done. We found all my windup toys — can’t get rid of them. Boxes and boxes of old pictures — can’t rid of those either. But there was plenty of stuff that we (he) did get rid of. Trying not to think of it — getting a headache.

Feel like I have to rent a van just to donate all this stuff. Thinking I should check through it because I know that there is something in that pile that Hannah wants, needs, and will probably never use again.

I can’t wait to clean out the garage!!!! Oh, by the way, that’s Steven Ezra.


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