Turkey Tush and Vegetable Blood

I know what my sister-in-law, Thera, likes. And that is why I put a little extra broth in my collards and kale mixture tonight for dinner. She likes the juice of the swiss chard so I just knew that she would be happy sipping the juice of the Trader Joes Southern Greens Mix. A little bit of vinegar, some water, chopped tomato (because I had some in the fridge) and salt and pepper — cook it up forever and it’s done. I love my greens. Also blended up some cauliflower and leeks and served em all with jalapeno chicken sausage (Trader Joe’s, of course.) and some good red wine.

Made sure to pour out a cup of veggie blood — mmm, sounds appetizing, doesn’t it? Now don’t go saying things like, “Ewww, how can you say that — blood, ewww, drinking blood.” Well, first of all, lots of people like a plate full of rare meat just dripping with the cow blood. And second, you don’t know Thera.

So dinner was good. Drew made it home in time. Yay. And Steven Ezra was over. Did I mention that Steven was over during the day to help me clean up. I’ve spent years trying to clean up Rachel’s room. I pretty much move things from one corner to the next and then occasionally throw things on her bed. Well today Steven threw out, cleaned up. organized, and vacuumed Rachel’s room. It wasn’t easy for me. I had to leave the room. It was better that way. The phone rang, I took the call downstairs, It was hard to concentrate because I knew Steven was using this time to throw everything out!

The room is clean, I will not go through the garbage, I am happy. It’s only stuff. I do have a headache. We (more Steven than me) started on the laundry room. He will be back on Thursday to help finish the room. (Pictures Thursday.)

Meanwhile, we had a nice dinner with good wine and loud music and somewhere during that time the phone rang and Nancy left message. Damn, There’s a story that needs telling and I have no idea what it is.

Oh, and turkey tush — I used to save the tush for Thera whenever I made a holiday turkey but I haven’t made one in years. I don’t know — turkeys have big tushes. I am partial to chickens — cute, juicy —  a nice fatty mouthful, but not too much.


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