Come To Mama

I’m seriously thinking of posting a link to my blog on my Facebook page. Why? Because Drew keeps bugging me about it. “What are you doing? Blogging?” he asks this morning. “No, answering an email before my dentist appointment,” I answer back.

“Why don’t you post your blog on Facebook?” He blurts this just because he does. So I’m thinking — why not? The good thing about it is that you don’t have to read it if you don’t want to (Now I’m hurt.) And it won’t clutter up anyone’s Facebook page with chitter chatter. You go to it NOT the other way around. Okay, I like it. I’ll do it.

So I went to my Facebook page and was about to click on “link” but wasn’t sure so I emailed Hannah.

Me: so i was thinking of adding a link to my blog on Facebook . . . do i go to my profile page and click link and just add it? xoxoxoxoxo

Hannah: No you have to edit your personal information and there will be a part that says website. If you add in where it says link you will be adding it to your wall, not your profile (which can also be good) xo

Me: confused

Hannah: okay. when you go to your Facebook click on “info” under your picture. then go down to “contact information” and click “edit” on the right hand side. when you click “edit” you will see it says “website” with a box for you to paste something. you paste it there and press save. if you paste it with the link button then it will be pasted onto your wall. does that explain it better?   xoxoxoxox love you

As I write this blog I’m thinking of what to make for dinner tomorrow night (tonight is catfish and greens) and what color thread to use to sew up Drew’s pants. (These are 2 things that will make Drew very happy — all that and clean underwear, now that’s a good wife!) The book, Art and Madness: A Memoir of Lust Without Reason, is on the table right next to this computer. I started reading it last week and it is only a 2 week book. I think I like it but I put it down and it is not calling my name. I’m staring at it, I’m touching it, but nothing is happening. I only want to sew pants and fold clean underwear. I really need a book that calls out to me . . . or a life!!!!

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