Groundcover Gone Wild

Power washed the railings of my deck last week. Today I wanted to prime them but they needed a little sanding. Of course I couldn’t find the package of sandpaper that I bought years ago. Went to Weinman’s in Bellmore. Yes, a local hardware store! Picked up a bit of sandpaper. I really was going to do this. I brought the primer out to the deck. I started sanding the railings. Didn’t really get anywhere with it. Decided to wait til my nephew, Steven, comes over. I think it’s best to do it right. No one ever (until now) told me to prime the wood first. And I’m pretty sure that when they originally painted the deck they didn’t use primer. And what a mess it was and still is. Thing is, now that my house looks so good, I want my deck to look good too. Next week.

Couldn’t waste a beautiful day, decided it was finally time to pull the weeds and groundcover galore from my garden. Started with the Vinca. Lots of it. Last time I pulled all the Vinca I saved a clump of it just in case. So today I pulled all that Vinca — took hours — and saved a clump and planted it on the side of the house — just in case. What is wrong with me?


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