Restaurant Pet Peeves

And so it says here in the Book of Peeves, Chapter 3 (Food Service),” Thou shalt not clean the floor while customers are still present.”  I heartily agree with this. I’ve been in restaurants where they start vacuuming while we are still eating. Last week we went for sushi, it was not yet closing time, and there they were — mopping the floor with some very strong smelling detergent. Couldn’t taste my sushi. Not happy about that. Would I go back? Not sure. They did serve me sushi with sesame seeds even though I did mention my allergies. They said they were sorry, but I could have been dead.

Now THIS is the way to do it!

Another peeve of mine is the clearing of the plates before everyone is finished eating. Now, okay, I’m not so sure I need to be hardcore about this one, and you might feel the same way if you’ve ever sat down to a meal with Rachel. We would be finishing our coffee and Rachel would lift her darling delicate finger to get the waiter’s attention and giggle, “Can we have another bottle of wine, please.” And then she would look down at her plate and continue sectioning off her food into bite-sized nibbles, saving the best for last.

What I really don’t like is when there is just the two of us (usually me and my drew) and as soon as Drew lifts his fork off the plate and puts his last bite into his mouth, the waiter is right there taking the plate away. And we all know that it is really not his last bite because there is still food on my plate.

Water glasses should be filled at all times and definitely do not spill red wine on a customer, but white is okay!

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