House Paint

Finally coming together. I think the house looks great. Tomorrow the shutters will get painted with a fresh coat of  black raspberry. Can’t wait. I ended up keeping the same color for the shutters. Always liked purple but now my house no longer looks like an eggplant.

Tomorrow I should be able to post a picture of the freshly painted house. Really tired now. Drew left for Columbus for the week. I cooked anyway — spicy chicken thighs with tomato and chickpeas. Easy, quick dish I made early because I knew my nephew, Steven Ezra, was coming by and he always needs some good fuel for the body. We ate the chicken with roasted broccoli. Followed by a serving of vanilla bon bons — mm, my favorite. Did I say spicy chicken thighs? Yes, they were suppose to be spicy — guess I need new cayenne. Have leftovers that will probably take me through the week til Drew gets home.

Very tired tonight. Have no stories to tell.


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Filed under Empty nesting, Food, Long Island Living

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