A Pillowcase? How Could That Be?

I wasn’t sure. Were the sheets originally white or beige because now they look brown.  Must be time to wash them. Pulled them off the bed first thing in the morning. It’s better that way, one less day of actually making the bed. I can leave the quilt piled high on the bed.

I threw in a few extra dirties — towels, t-shirts, socks —  don’t want to waste all that water on bedding. Let’s see now, one fitted sheet, four pillow cases, and a bundle of other stuff, but not too much. So, anyway, I put all the dirty laundry in my Maytag washing machine and add some unscented detergent, but not too much. Hours later I rush downstairs and pull all the clothes out of the washing machine and into the dryer they all go. Have too, because this way I don’t have to fold any sheets. I take them off the bed, wash, dry, and back on the bed.

But this time, something went terribly wrong. The clothes were dry. I folded the t-shirts, paired up the socks, and took the pile of pillow cases and the sheet and threw ’em all on the bed. Figured I’d wait til Drew came home and we could do this together — which usually means going up to bed and thinking, “Damn, I shoulda made the bed earlier. I’m half asleep now.”

So, we’re pulling the sheet over the mattress and the pillowtop and then it’s time to put on the pillowcases. Four pillows, four cases, right? Wrong? There were only three pillowcases. How can that be? I’m used to socks disappearing — escaping forever —  but a pillowcase? It’s unheard of. I ran my hands along the sheet — up and down — nothing. I crawled around the bedroom floor. Looked under the bed, achoo, wow, dusty under there. So I retraced my steps and checked the washer and dryer. Empty.

It’s late and I go to bed. Days later I accidentally find the pillowcase on the floor in the laundry room. It never even made it to the washing machine! Oh, did I mention that the sheets still are and always will be BROWN.


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