Toilet Paper, Red Dress, Battery, Gummi Vitamins

These are a few of my favorite things. No, wait, I’ve got it all wrong — these are a few of the items we are packing to bring to the girls in the city today. Maybe I’ll throw in some paper towels too. Already gave the Indian soup packets last week, along with lots of leftovers.

Our Passover leftovers are gone. The only thing left is the fresh white horseradish that I made. I wanted to give some out as goodie jars for Passover but I forgot — It’s always something! Mmmm, plenty of Bloody Marys in our future!

Fell asleep through most of Resident Evil: Afterlife — at least Drew said I did. I thought I saw plenty but, regardless, it was a good nap. What do you expect after a bottle of wine. (Afghan restaurant was BYOB — a definite plus!)

Movie over, Drew has the remote and flips, flips, flips, or should I be saying surfs? Is he channel surfing or flipping the channels? Ended up watching 12 Monkeys (again). Probably the next time I watch it I will remember the ending.

Off to the city soon and probably will be too tired to write anything later.

Today: Family day in the city.

Hannah just texted me: I recommend you come in early and walk around. It’s so nice out.

My response: It’s hot. (Yes, already complaining about the heat.)

Tomorrow: Read my in-depth review of The Book of Mormon.


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