Remote Control Roulette

He says: What do you want to watch on tv?

He means: Let me play with the remote and scan every single movie and tv show available and then I’ll fall asleep with the remote in my hand and that will determine what we will watch.

This game usually lasts between 45 – 60 minutes and it’s so one-sided. Sometimes I even say, “How bout watching this or this. This sounds good.” But there is no stopping Drew. When he gets the remote in his manly hand he is in command (sort of.) I am usually sitting up on the couch at the beginning but I soon lay down under the blanket on the couch. First I stare at the tv and get dizzy, then I stare at the ceiling, then I fall asleep. By the time Drew has settled on a movie or a reality cooking show we are both dozing.

Sometimes we settle on a show with commercials. The commercials come on and Drew’s thumb (yes, the damaged one) is again in motion. Occasionally, he will forget to go back to whatever it is we are watching and we miss all the important stuff — the killer reveals himself, the winning run is scored, Kirstie falls on DWTS, American Idol decides, someone gets chopped  — there’s no telling what. Other times he’s ready to put a show on but gets distracted. He starts deleting this and then decides to tape something else. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Resident Evil marathon today. Dinner at an Afghan restaurant near Drew’s new office — real tasty. Not sure what town it is but it was on Hillside Avenue near Marcus Ave. Will have to get the name of it.

Tomorrow is Family Day — Reservation at Poco in East Village for brunch, then off to see The Book of Mormon. Can’t think of a better way to spend Easter Sunday in the City!


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