Super Lazy on the Couch

You would think I’d have plenty of time to write something if I’m laying on the couch resting my back all day long. It doesn’t work that way. I’m not sure if my brain is working at full capacity when I am resting. Full? Hmm, when is it ever functioning at full capacity.

I think my brain went into sleep mode for the day. Super lazy on the couch. I thought of taking a walk. Drew was home all day. He always takes off the first 2 days of Passover (why stop now.) He drove to the library, came home, and said, “It’s nice out. Do you want to take a walk?” Sounds like a good idea. My brain perked up but my body didn’t. I thought about it — for a fleeting moment. We watched a movie on TV. Can’t remember the name of it. Paul Giamatti was in it. I still always see him as Pig Vomit — he’s come a long way. Always like his movies. We ate leftovers. Now all that is left from the holiday meal is an unopened quart of milk and a package of macaroons (surprisingly good for store-bought!)

Tomorrow Drew will be off to work so I will be able to bend, lift, and touch my toes whenever I have the urge. Right now he keeps telling me to rest my back, so I lay around and stare while he plays with the tv remote and sits next to me on the couch. His trip to the library was his big excursion for the day. Then we both vegged on the couch.

So Drew says, “What do you want to watch?” And then he starts playing with the remote and my mind wanders and, most of the time, I fall asleep.

My feet were cold all day long — ah, that’s it — Cold Souls, that was the name of the movie we watched!


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