How I save over a thousand dollars a month

The following is a small sampling of very important texts that I received from my girls:



did you see cc’s daughters.

they re so adorable


How did you know i had a lot of pimples

omg i love the archie stamp

Ah i just saw the biggest rats ever

on rachel’s block

I really don’t want to do laundry

I have so much cellulite 😦

I wore my gold watch last night and now it’s missing

I just put my check in an envelope and forgot to put a note. Is that bad

Zooey deschanel plays bones’ cousin on bones

Should I take off yoga on wed the 20th

i broke my glasses 😦

I might be going back into the city tomorrow night. I’ll decide last minute (repeat three times)


Uggg. crossing my fingers i don’t get sent home from work. My eye looks like that again. Cept this time it’s my other eye.

Sent home

my fridge is broken

About to call Fraunces Tavern



I’m out of indian ramen;(

so my eye looks like it did last saturday

what should i wear for the admitted students day

Earthquakes in Burma

I’m awake

Just made it. can’t breathe


call me in the morning

green pancakes and green beer

law and order is on THREE channels right now

call me at 7:45 please

esp help me and tell me where it is in the morning

You home?

Go on fb

have you seen the new dyson cordless vacuum??

According to AT&T’s website a text, without a plan, costs 20 cents per message. Last month we had just under 8000 messages. (And I mean just!) It would have cost me 1600 dollars if I didn’t already have the unlimited text plan. Whew, so that’s how I save money.

In February, Rachel went to a wedding in Toronto. She had her iPhone and as soon as she drove across the border she received a message from AT&T re: international rates. So she called me!

I told her to text if she needed to (50 cents a text/international rate) but don’t use the internet. Hours later I received an email from her:

Free wifi at hotel.
We got here. I’ll try to write down directions before we leave so I don’t have to turn data on again.
Sent from my iPhone

I responded:

well if you have to use it then use it….. hopefully I won’t have to sell the house to pay the bill 

She came home and said she didn’t use it. I was just joking when I said “hopefully I won’t have to sell the house.”

Luckily Rachel was only in Canada for 2 nights and one full day. A week after her return AT&T froze the account. Apparently she rung up charges over 1000 dollars. I called AT&T. I didn’t care for the woman I spoke to but she did back date an international plan that would only cost me 119 dollars. I was pretty sure she could have refunded me for the entire amount since it was clearly a mistake. She even said, “even though you used the hotel’s wireless you were still roaming. You probably pressed something by mistake and didn’t deactivate it.” Then she wanted to show me what I had to do on the iPhone so it wouldn’t happen again. Ahhhh, headache. I hung up, but not before she told me to call back on March 19th to cancel the international plan.

March 19th was a Saturday. Drew and I saw a play that day and then met the girls at St. Andrew’s Pub. While eating and drinking I realized the date and found a semi-quiet corner to make a phone call. Spoke to someone at AT&T. He didn’t understand what was going on, my bill was a mess and he said that whatever this other woman did wasn’t helping any. I would still have charges. He said he would call me when the bill was posted and credit me. We set up a phone date for the next Sunday. I had faith. My girls didn’t. I walked around all Sunday with the phone in my hand. He never called. I called and spoke to someone and just said I’ve been waiting for a phone call since 10 this morning blah, blah, blah . . . This guy wanted to transfer me to the international department but then I said, “there’s a mistake on my bill and he was going to credit my account.” “Oh,” he said, “I can do that.” And so he did.

And I saved even more money. I didn’t even have to pay for the international texts — we’re talking around 5 dollars!

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