Facebook Picture Revealed — No tighty, no lighty needed

It’s always a good idea to have some sort of goal, so when Drew and I left for vacation our goal was to make sure we each came home with a good profile picture.

outside the sun was shining in Astoria ,OR

I like this picture. The beer hides all that extra stuff I see when I look in the mirror . . . you know, the chin, the neck, the cheek stuff . . . And the sunglasses cover my puffy eyes and dark circles. I don’t care what those expensive face creams claim to do, they are not tightening or lightening anything! Exaggerated smile — that’s what Rachel always says. I tried that while going chin up. That doesn’t work for me. But then someone told me it’s better to tilt down slightly and look up. I tried it along with a few props and there you have it — my Facebook pic.

I have several good photos of my drew. He always has a happy smiley face on for the camera, except when he doesn’t. What he definitely doesn’t have is that melted play doh face that I have in all my photos. Is it possible that I really look like that in real life?

I’ve picked two photos of Drew from our vacation that I think would be good Facebook pics. They were both taken in Astoria, OR when the sun was shining. And check out his eyebrows. Magnificent!

What an adorable face . . . no signs of play doh but I do see a wooden glider.

We’ve spent a lot of time together this past week and here’s what I noticed: Drew with Droid in hand, deep in thought, checking his messages — well, that’s what I thought but then I noticed that he is looking at Facebook. He’s been checking his Facebook page and I’m afraid I have lost just a little bit more of him to The Social Network.

Me? I stalk . . . yes, I do. I hardly ever post on Facebook and on the rare occasion that I do . . . well, it’s like coming out of the closet. Everyone is all over you. Each time I post someone jumps out and wants to be my friend!

Wonder if anyone will notice I now have a face?

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