Drowning in Junk Mail

A magical moment: Mt. Rainier

Walked in the door at 7 am this morning. House was full of sleeping 20-somethings.  They were off to a day of wine and snacking. We were on our way to the couch for snoozing and baseball.

I put a hold on the mail while we were away. I’ll go through it today. Maybe organize it into piles:  total junk directly to garbage, junk that will make its way to the garbage soon, magazines, bills . . . Eventually all mail ends up in the garbarge — but not before sitting on my dining room table for weeks!

I took a short nap and then put on my sunglasses and drove around the neighborhood — returned library travel books, bought one pound coffee, 3 bananas, some organic greens . . . that was enough for one trip. Now I suppose I should pay some bills so I can throw out some more mail but I’m rapidly running out of steam. Yankees winning 5-1. Is it okay if I fall asleep? Could they be ahead because I am sitting in front of the tv with my eyes open while Drew’s eyes are shut. Someone has to pay attention to the game.

Apparently not me . .  I fell asleep and they won.

Well, enough of this travelling stuff now . .  back to real life Long Island living.

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