Seeking Talkative Friends

I see myself as a quiet person. Put me in a room with more than 3 people and I don’t say much. I don’t have many quiet friends. As a matter of fact I think it is safe to say that my friends are quite talkative. I won’t mention names but it is possible for me to get through a complete meal shaking my head, giggling and grunting, and then split the bill and go home without really saying more than a dozen words.

Does this mean I am a good listener? It appears that way. I listen but sometimes when I hear “whaddya think of that?”  I break out in a sweat. cough, and try to rewind in my head what just went on. I think I’m listening and I’m pretty sure I started out listening but then comes the question “whaddya think of that?” And I have to say, what were we talking about?

Drew is talkative. I am quiet. Today Drew and I did a bit of shopping and during the drive he talked. He talked about something he read in the newspaper. He remembers all the details. I felt like I read the entire article when he was finished. Some people are talkative and some are not. Some people remember and some do not. I can’t even remember the title of the last book I just finished.

Here’s a typical after movie conversation between my drew and I:  Let’s say we saw “The Departed,” a Marty movie. Drew loves Martin Scorsese. The credits are still rolling and he looks over at me. He’s beaming and excited. He looks a bit flushed and he needs to talk. He really needs to talk. “Wow, that was so  . . .  blah, blah, blah . . . the direction, the acting. What was he thinking? Blah . . . 15 minutes more of blah . . .blah . . .  So what did you think?” he finally says. Silence. I’m thinking. I’m not sure what is flying around in my head. I need time but I look over at him lovingly and say, “I (long pause) liked it. It was good.”  And with that he knows it was a great movie.

What a happy loving couple we are . . . but I’m getting the feeling Drew is not so happy about this blog even though it was his idea. I mean what did he expect? He is my best material. I see him every day. Hmm, I wonder it that’s why my girls haven’t texted me all weekend. Oh wait — I did hear from Rachel — her tonsils felt like knives. Ouch!

Dinner at Orchid in Garden City.


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