please take your hand off daddy’s nipple

I can’t believe I had to say that. I find it very upsetting that grandma said I remind her of you,” blurts our Hannah over a steaming plate of assorted Indian entrees. “You” referring to me, the mommy. You can run but you can not hide. I, quite often, catch a glimpse in the bathroom mirror and see my mom looking back at me. I look at pictures from a few years ago and think, “Damn, I was skinny.” Will I look back at today — a few weeks before my 60th birthday and think, “What was I thinking? I was so skinny and young back then?” I guess it’s better than the alternative . . . not thinking or being at all. Friday babble.

Really have to motivate myself to exercise more. I started back at the gym twice a week and kept it up for 2 whole weeks. I was so proud of myself. There I was chatting it up with the crew at the front desk of the gym. “Twice a week is not enough. We have to get you going to the gym three or four times a week,” squeals a-little-miss-trainer-in-underpants. That was it for me. Haven’t been back since. And, you know something else, I’m in the mood for a bon-bon. Oh wait, Hannah and her friends just walked in. Looks like Anna brought over some cupcakes from Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery on Rivington St.. Must be careful. I see nuts. And I also see red velvet. Mmmmm, cupcakes now, bon-bons later. Gym, eh, that can wait.

Who ate the red velvet cupcake?

Sitting at the table, everyone is chatting, and I am in a panic. It’s late, I’m tired, and I just want to post this already. Ran into Nancy today. Funny story but I think I will save it for The SommerTimes (printed edition.)

Dinner:  Iavarone pumpkin ravioli — served with broccoli rabe.

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