Trust Yourself

My list:

  1. Free Stanley
  2. Fix water leak by front door
  3. Repair a/c duct
  4. Clean up and insulate attic
  5. Empty shed and rip it down
  6. Move shrubs away from shed area
  7. Replace shed (already on order)
  8. Paint house exterior (need to buy some paint samples)

Can’t think right now. Activity downstairs. Here we go again. Jumped out of  bed at 7:20 am (I am Number 9 ) and checked the trap. It had sprung and it was empty. I reset it and sprinkled some baby powder near it to see if I find teeny tiny footprints later in the day. I’m giving this 2 more days and then I am calling an exterminator.

Later in the day: No footprints, no squirrel activity. Picked up Hannah at the train station and she told me the news — she’s in! Columbia School of Public Health wants her. Good thing too. I’d feel bad if her roommate, Anna, had to decline her acceptance out of guilt. Now they can both go and be happy. Congrats to both of you girlies.

Going out to celebrate Hannah’s acceptance. Chilli and Curry in Hicksville is Hannah’s choice. I break out in a sweat when I think of eating Indian food in a restaurant. Don’t know why, well, I do know why. I get sick every time. From what I read in cookbooks Indian recipes use ground up cashews in their spices and I don’t think they always know this. But I did eat at Chilli and Curry twice. The first time I felt fine and the next time I think my nerves got the better of me and I felt queasy. I’m willing to try again. When in doubt eat white rice!

Ready to go. Drew’s going to meet us there. Printed out a map. I remember last time I drove there I circled the area forever before i actually found the restaurant. Wish me luck!


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