Stanley, Stanley, Stanley

Tension is rising. John, my very own squirrel trapper and personal gutter guy, came by today. The peanut butter was softening on the counter. I have two traps set in the attic and one in the eave by Rachel’s bed. This fourth one that I borrowed from Ann was going in the crawl space. Peanut butter, cracker, peanut butter — three layers — balanced delicately in the trap. John went down to the laundry room. I was searching the house looking for tape and a flash light when I heard him yell, “I’m here hanging with the squirrel. Here squirrel, squirrel” (I might add that I am paraphrasing.) Really, the squirrel is right in front of me.” By the time I got downstairs all I saw was Stanley’s tail disappearing into the crawl space.

John is pretty sure this is it. I hope so. He placed the trap in the crawl space and this time we put a flashlight shining on the food. I read somewhere, in my squirrel hunting search, that if a squirrel is trying to find an opening he might go for the light. We will see. I didn’t tell John that the squirrel is no longer just a squirrel. He is Stanley to me and to everyone who is reading this.

Almost ready to get dinner together and I just heard a noise from downstairs. Well, I can’t get to the crawl space but I did go in the laundry room. Don’t hear any noise so I doubt the squirrel is in the trap but now I’m thinking he could have knocked the flashlight down. It was just set on the floor. I probably should have secured it with tape. Maybe I’ll hold out til Thursday. I’m beginning to smell squirrel — real or imagined?

Do you think a daily blog is too much. Who the hell wants to read this everyday?

Dinner: Shrimp, broccoli rabe, cauliflower — all with lots of garlic.

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