Wake me up at 10:03, please

You mean 10:02, don’t you?” I say to my dear rachel. “No, I go by the last number,” she replies. “That’s wrong, just plain wrong. You’re suppose to take the sum of all the numbers,” I say, hoping she sees the light.

I found out a while ago — her obsession with the number 3. I was surprised but I guess it’s a family thing. You see, Rachel is a 3 and I am a 9. When I open my eyes in the morning and want to jump out of bed, I make sure to wait til the numbers add up to 9. (i.e. 7:02, 8:55.) Our house address is 1836. My birth date adds up to 9. If there is an important decision to be made and it can be translated into numbers in any way, it will be, and the outcome will hinge on the sum of all numbers. I’d like to say that our wedding date added up to 9 but it doesn’t. We left that to my dad. We told him to check out the numbers and pick a good date and he did. It worked just fine.

Rachel works around the number 3. Not sure how, looks to me like it is only the last number that’s important. Wonder if she realizes that her street address and apartment number add up to 3? And 3 is just a part or me, isn’t it?

Hey, isn’t there a movie that just opened called I Am Number Four? Let’s see, that’s 2 people x 2 movies ticket @ 11 dollars a piece = 22=4. Go figure!

The other day I bought a thick mattress topper for our hard-as-cement mattress. Finally a good night’s sleep. The first thing I did when this mattress was delivered — many many years ago — was sit on it. Almost cracked my tush in two! Well, maybe that’s not the best way to describe it. Anyway, I couldn’t believe how hard it was. It was actually an exchange. First we purchased a foam mattress from Sleepy’s after Drew’s thorough research of what is good for his back. Sleeping on foam for me is like wearing a polyester suit. I was sweating buckets. And I didn’t like the way it molded to my body. Couldn’t move.

Sleepy’s will exchange your mattress under their 60 Night Comfort Exchange Guarantee.   *Conditions Apply

We exchanged it “for a small fee.” The bed I wanted was a bit cheaper than the one we returned but that wasn’t allowed. I guess that was one of the conditions — pay more. I don’t know what happened but we ended up with this mound of cement in our bedroom. Ouch! We put a memory foam under a mattress topper. The mattress topper didn’t hold up well and I ended up returning it to Bed, Bath, and Beyond. So we started sleeping on the memory foam and I’ve been sweating every night. This new topper is thicker and more money than the last one. Hope it lasts. If not, I’ve saved the receipt. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while. Finally had the time the day my computer was in the shop.

I have laundry piling up now. I guess I should have made a few washes before I picked up my computer. Problem is it’s taken me a few days to actually go back into the laundry room where the squirrel was spotted running the rafters. No problem, I have plenty of clean underwear.

Totally squirmy over this squirrel! I feel like at any moment it will come tumbling throught the ceiling and fall on my head. Very noisy today. Hope there are no large crevices in Rachel’s room for it to get through. I’ve been banging on the dining room ceiling with my swiffer trying to get the squirrel to run back to the other side of the house where the peanut butter and Ritz crackers are gently placed in the Have A Heart traps.

Dinner Masala Wok with friends.


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