O Squirrel Whisperer, Where Art Thou?

I wanted to write something  lovey, gooey, nice, and sweet for Valentine’s Day. But, no, I can’t seem to think lovey gooey thoughts right now. I heard the squirrel and I was pretty sure it was in the crawlspace under the back room. I called my guy, John, and told him we should put a some peanut butter on a cracker in the trap and put it in the crawl space. He’ll be here before 2:00 pm. (It’s 11:30 am now.)

Are you his mother?

I went down to the laundry room to clear a path to the crawl space and as I was moving things around the squirrel dashed across the upper edge of the house towards the crawl space. I panicked, ran out, shut the door, and left a message for John. “HE’S IN THE HOUSE BUT I THINK HE JUST RAN INTO THE CRAWL SPACE! AHHHHHHHHHH!”

Feeling confident that he was in the crawl space, I opened the door and as I did so, he ran across again, this time away from the crawl space. Now I hear him chipping away and I think, once again, he is in the crawl space. Breaking out in a sweat here. Squirrel in underpants doesn’t sound so cute anymore.

Almost done with my book and thinking of reading “squirrel seeks chipmunk,” by David Sedaris. It’s a signed copy that reads, “Vicki, Your laundry excites my passions!” A holiday gift from Hannah and Rachel. How did he know the squirrel would end up in my laundry room?

No, not sure I can read that just yet. Maybe a murder mystery. Is it 2:00 yet?

Traps are set. Peanut butter on a cracker. I’m staying upstairs for now. Tomorrow I bring my computer in for service.

One last thing — Skyped with Cheryl today. Told her about my squirrel. Her comment was, “Well at least it’s not a rat.” I suppose I should be thankful for that.

Dinner tonight: Jalapeno chicken sausage, broccoli rabe, cauliflower and leeks.


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One response to “O Squirrel Whisperer, Where Art Thou?

  1. annie

    Oh no. don’t kill the squirell! What about a live trap. As you can read,
    I am not the one to talk about killing animals to. I would love to hear
    from RAchael and have sushi, as we used to do. Love Honey

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