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but other tickets may still be available.

I ran off to deliver Meals on Wheels this morning but not before Hannah’s phone call, “Tickets for LCD go on sale at 11 am today. Rachel and I need 2 tickets each. I’m busy and so is Rachel.” (That was code for HELP, OMG.) Drew was home and spoke to her. Lucky break, he was taking the day off and will be able to try for the tickets.

When I walked in the door at 10:54 am, drew-in-pajamas was sexily (apparently this is not a word and the spell check wants to change it to senile) sitting in front of his computer. In just 6 minutes the tickets will be going on sale. They were playing at MSG, plenty of tickets.  Since I came home early I thought I would take my laptop and sit next to him — just another opportunity to be close to Drew. We were on just as the tickets went on sale. Ticketmaster web site was a mess. They were on sale, they were not. Then they were on sale again. And then they were gone. I quickly scoured the internet for tickets and lo and behold  . . . plenty of tickets already available for double the price. How can that be?

Tired and full. Saw Blue Valentine and went to Melting Pot for dinner  (Thank you Tanya.)  Drew and I enjoyed a very super filling early Valentine’s dinner. The best part was finishing off the chocolate with a spoon. Full and tired

Tomorrow meeting the girls in the city for brunch. But first I go for a foot massage with Lucy in the East Village. Looking forward to it! I can’t believe I have to eat again tomorrow. I am sooo full! Most definitely better take my cholesterol pill tonight! More tomorrow and maybe a pic of the squirrel in my yard.

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