Be afraid . . . be very afraid

Went to do my laundry. Looked up towards the crawlspace and saw bits of insulation in places it shouldn’t have been. It’s as if something in the crawlspace was scratching its way in. Always knew the door to the crawlspace was going to be a problem. Actually. it’s not a door, it’s a sheet of wood nailed across the opening. Not happy with it but what always bothered me was the gap on top of the wood. Next time I go with my gut . . . wanted to close it up then and want to close it up now. So is the squirrel in or out? Dead or alive?

My gutter guy, John, just left. Moved the traps around — put one next to the washing machine. I am NOT happy.

Drew is taking the day off tomorrow, maybe have an early valentine’s dinner, yay! Annoying love . . . all day Friday. What did I do for our special annoying tomorrow. I went for a pedicure. Can’t remember the last time I had one. It’s too early for pink so I picked a calm lavender color.

my pretty painted little piggies

Made an appointment at Artistic Nails with Cee Cee (Carol’s recommendation.) Very happy with it. Maybe next time I’ll spend an extra 10 dollars for 10 more minutes of foot massage. Carol’s been commenting on my blog . . . one of my biggest fans . . . she probably is my biggest fan. Now she’s emailing me with comments and a list of books to read. I’m trying to figure out how to change the layout of this page so I can have a section for some favorite recipes and a book list. Working on it, but first I need my cup of green tea.

Drew’s not coming home for dinner tonight. He’s out with a guy and probably eating steak. He was such a good vegetarian but once he got a taste of the meat again, it was over . . .  meat, meat, meat. There’s a good chance he is at Big Daddy’s now guzzling down a Steak from Hell.

Dinner for me is leftover southern greens and green tea.


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