Annoying Love

Makes me think of two things —   My stud hub, Drew, and Geek Love by Katherine Dunn. Drew, my drew, the very same drew-in-pajamas that I tried to hug at the dining room table this morning starts yelling at me, “Okay, that’s enough.” “But I need some love! I want a hug,” I plead. “It’s annoying, annoying love,” he says as he tries to push me away. So that’s what he thinks of our relationship. I slave over a fresh organic head of lettuce and other assorted salad greens every morning  — slicing and dicing, adding just the right amount of salad dressing — making sure he has a delicious healthy lunch every day. And this is how he treats me. Annoying love he calls it. And then he jokes about it. “Annoying love, what a great title for a book.” Well, that’s why I thought of Geek Love. It was in title only . . loved the book.

Just opened up the current issue of New York to the Approval Matrix and I read the following:  “Swamplandia! author Karen Russell notes in acknowledgements that her book “owes a huge debt” to Katherine Dunn, but misspells Dunn’s name.”  It’s weird to think of Geek Love in the morning and then see mention of the author in a magazine that very same afternoon.

Not a sound from the squirrels today. The traps are untouched. I climbed around in my muddy backyard looking underneath the windows where I heard a squirrel sawing away. I saw a bit of wood splintering but not big enough for a squirrel to get through. Do I have two dead squirrels under my roof or did they somehow escape?

Things to do when the weather warms: Rip open the panel from the outside where I last heard the squirrel, rip down the shed and install a new one, and paint the outside of the house. I have phone numbers. I can get this all done. I do have to pick a color for my house and my shed. I’m thinking salmon with black shutters for the house but I have a feeling Drew won’t like it so maybe I will just settle for a pink shed.

Dinner tonight spicy pork chops and southern greens.


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