I’m going out and buying myself an ax

and I’m going to make a hole (or two) through the shingles so the squirrels can escape. They seem totally uninterested in the peanut butter traps. Maybe they need a hot meal . . something that will float through the attic and send them reeling into the Have A Heart traps.

Drew thinks I should get meaty. Maybe talk current events. So what’s more current than finding out that Bristol Palin is coming out with a 304 page memoir in June. Probably talk about parenting and politics. Ah, 20 years old and so wise!

“Are you still suppose to take a day off from exercising if it’s just yoga?” –“How long does lentil soup last?” –“Do you have a recipe for kasha varnishkas?” –“Are blow dryers allowed on planes?” –“Where have you guys been? I’ve been calling all day.” –“Is a top loading washer better than a side load washer?” These are just a handful of texts I receive from the girls. I always thought Rachel and Hannah were pretty internet savy. But, no, they are not. They are mommy savy. They text me and I google the question and Viola  . . . an answer for everything! (Where were you guys? Out!)

I don’t know if I can keep this up every day. Maybe I should make weekly updates. How about some book stuff while I can remember what I last read. I always walk away with a list of books to read when I brunch with Carol. Finished Blood of Flowers — good read, enjoyed itand just bought History of Love with my Borders coupon and Borders bucks. Both recommended by Carol. Now I’m reading The Night Gardener by George Pelecanos. Started reading it and put it down to read another book so I am reading the first 41 pages over again. So many characters, I hope I can get them straight.

The squirrels are quiet tonight and the traps are still empty. Tired. Bored with this blog. Have to figure out what to do with it besides 300 words! Suggestions?


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