Going’ crazy here

It’s quiet in the house. There is no buzzing in my head and there are no squirrels scratching and chipping away at the bones of my house. I’m pretty sure the squirrels are comfy and sleeping in the mounds of insulation scattered all over the attic.  Yesterday John, my gutter guy, put a trap in the attic and one on the roof. Today the one on the roof was untouched but the one in the attic was snapped shut. It was empty. I think we have a problem here and I think it is the peanut butter. The Trader Joe’s Natural, unsalted and crunchy. peanut butter  does not have a consistency made for a trap. It is too wet and drippy. But it was all I had yesterday so we used it. It was dripping all over the place. Went to the supermarket and bought what was on sale — White Rose creamy. I wanted the crunchy but I didn’t like the expiration date. Now there are 2 traps in the attic, both with creamy firm peanut butter.


TJ's drippy peanut butter

Notice thick firm consistency


Just spent an hour trying to place to pictures I took of the peanut butters. My drew helped but I am still not happy with the placement. It’s getting late and I want to post this. Had lots to say but can’t remember any of it. Opened the mail today and lo and behold — a letter from the Red Light Division addressed to me.  Apparently I was photographed going  through a red light but in reality I was slowing down on Merrick Rd. and making a right turn just as the light was changing. A 65 dollar fine and no points — that’s how they get you. No points — who could resist?

Dinner tonight was chicken soup and the rest of the chocolate fudge cake from last night.




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