fog as thick as refrigerated pea soup

I started reading Straight Man by Richard Russo. I’ve read a few of his book, but, no, not this one. I absolutely do not remember the title. Totally unfamiliar. Does not ring a bell. No, no, no. And yet, I have the feeling that I’ve had so many times before, “Did I read this book already?” Funny how it’s so similiar to one I’ve read in the past. But sentence by sentence it’s coming back to me. The red car, yes I remember it. The wife who . . . The daughter who lives . . .  Money problems . . .  Now I’m positive I’ve read it. Wish I could remember the story.

*** Breaking News *** Squirrel trying to escape fell between the beams and is in the wall of the dining room. I can hear it. I am going to go outside and see if I can get the squirrel out through the hole I plan on making.

So should I continue to read this book or not? I did this once before and ended up reading the book all the way through. Maybe I’ll just skim this one just to refresh my memory and find out how it ends. I think they must have changed the title on me.

Last night, after picking up Thera, the 3 of us had a delicious meal in Patchogue before driving through the thickest fog imaginable — very scary — to Westhampton. Concert was not that impressive but a happy time was had by all despite the fog and constant guitar tuning.

Damn, this squirrel is all over the place. I am not happy and, apparently, neither is the squirrel. Drew and I are busy tracking the squirrel all through the house while waiting for John to bring over a couple of  Have a Heart traps. If he doesn’t get here soon I think the squirrel will saw its way out through the soffit in the back room. I have some Trader Joe’s crunchy peanut butter for the trap. It’s unsalted. I read that squirrels like the smell and taste of peanut butter. Nice that someone knows that. I am willing to give up my stash of peanut butter to resolve this. What happens when the squirrel is caught in the trap? Will it be squealing and scratching all night long?

What to do. Who can even think of dinner at a time like this. I can — tacos tonight on Super Bowl Sunday.


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