I Need You

Without you I have nothing to write!” It’s true, I need my drew and he’s building a wall between us. He won’t talk about the book he’s reading. He didn’t discuss Ask Amy with me. All he wants is his grapefruit, a cup of coffee, and a pair of perfect eggs. What am I to do? Feed him and watch the wall come tumbling down. There —  all better.

Drew thinks I should get an iphone. “You’re interested in all this social media stuff. You should start twittering.” He’s talking to me again. “Social? No, I’m not social. I don’t think I’m interested in any of it. What am I suppose to twitter? If I twitter that I ran out of toilet paper will someone come to my rescue?” It’s all too much for me. “If you have a local following someone may bring over some toilet paper,” he responds. Well, toilet paper is not the issue for me. Just the other day I picked up a super jumbo pack from BJ’s Warehouse. I should probably post the whereabouts of my emergency key just in case I run out of soap in the shower!

I see in the NYT Book Review that Chris Bohjalian’s book, Secrets of Eden, is now in paperback. I think I read it but I can’t be sure.  The Miami Herald writes, “Searing . . . a literary murder mystery that hooks readers early and keeps its secret til the end.” Doesn’t ring a bell. Still a well kept secret. I’m 98% sure that I read it. It’s that 2% that’s bothering me. I know I read Double Bind. I read it and I didn’t like it — therefore I must have liked Secrets of Eden because I can’t remember it.

Happy it’s not snowing. Dinner out.  I have reached my word count.


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