. . . and Wookie? No that’s not right

“I’m drawing a blank here. I can’t think of her name, help me — Snookie, that’s it! That would make a great SNL skit or did they do that already? Snookie — Wookie?” That was our Friday morning conversation, Drew reciting the names of the Jersey Shore cast. It’s sad but I think he named them all. I can’t be sure. Then he mentioned an interesting tidbit from the book he’s reading: Exercising has nothing to do with weight loss. Whew, glad I found out before I renewed my gym membership.

Still thinking of getting a pedicure today. Drove passed the parking lot after delivering Meals on Wheels. No parking spots. Went home, hard boiled a few eggs, and off  to Nancy’s for hair color. I was really looking forward to my lunch –one hard boiled egg, smushed with a bit of mayonnaise and pepper, oh wait, that would be egg salad. Drove passed the nail salon again, still no parking. No pedicure today.

As soon as I park in front of my house my cell rings. It’s Drew.  “I just wanted to tell you about the racket coming from our attic. We really have to do something about this. There must be a family of squirrels up there.” I thought, “Damn, I want my eggie!’ I said, “Okay, I’ll call John, the gutter guy, and see if he wants to climb up in the attic.” I call him, leave a message, and just as I reach for my egg the phone rings. “I’m in the neighborhood, be over soon.” Actually that’s an edited version of what he said. He’s a guy of many words but I took it upon myself to shorten the conversation. Not enough time to brew a cup of tea and prepare my precious egg. Instead, I snack on my hidden bag of potato chips.

John climbed up in the attic with the measly flashlight that I provided. The squirrels were coming in through the screening around the attic fan. Right now the opening is sealed up. Luckily the fan is on the south side of the roof so it was clear of ice and snow. All fixed but I’m stressing. Are the squirrels sealed in or out? If in, then they have to be trapped. If out, yay! My head hurts. I finally ate my egg at 5:30. It wasn’t as good as it would have been hours earlier. Now I’m full and my drew is going to want to eat dinner in a few hours. Oh what to do.

Dinner tonight totally undecided.



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