Everybody Eats

Drew’s been reading Good Calories, Bad Calories, (. . . writer Gary Taubes shows us that almost everything we believe about the nature of a healty diet is wrong ) and now he is a bundle of revelations. After a half hour of food-theories-gone-wild babble he said to me, “I better be careful because now you’re going to mention how I babbled on and on during breakfast.” “Nah, not me . . . you said it yourself, I just repeated it.” I say, “Eat whole colorful foods, easy on the white. Everything in moderation. Dark chocolate is good.

It’s February, time to renew my gym membership. Think I’ll go there in my workout clothes, renew, and see if I’m in the mood to stay and exercise.

Email received from Rachel late last night: Now I know all the times you come in and don’t even ask me out to dinner!  And Ew um trying to deal with cooking chicken cutlets.” And we don’t invite you to all our wild and crazy parties either. I know it’s hard to accept but we do have a life without you . . . not much of one, but we manage. Sometimes we stay up past midnight but mostly not. Hmmmm.

Still trying to figure out how to set up this page. Widgets, menus, it’s all a mystery to me.

Went for a haircut today and then decided to go for a pedicure. I’m thinking that if I get my toes polished it will feel like spring is around the corner, especially when I walk to the car wearing my reefs and showing off my freshly painted frozen piggies. It took 2 strolls around the block until I could finally squeeze my way into parking spot in the lot. Why is it wherever there is a Starbucks there is a crowded parking lot full of SUVs that are taking up 2 spaces.

Something was not right when I walked into Artistic Nails. All the pedicure chairs were folded down and wrapped in plastic. New chairs, they have new chairs and they won’t be set up until late tonight. Come back tomorrow. Damn, well I hope they are vibrating chairs. I’ll see about tomorrow. I might not be in the mood.

Never made it to the gym. I might have to renew over the phone.

I’m hungry and it’s only 5:30. Think I’ll check out the leftovers. Dinner tonight is hot and sour soup, TJ chicken sausages, and roasted brussell sprouts (which I didn’t make the other night).


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