Am I going to get upset?

Last night at dinner Drew asked me how I felt about cooking with chicken. Eh, not so thrilled. I didn’t tell him that I had to hack the chicken into pieces  — pulling it apart at the joints until I heard a crack so I knew where to cut. then I skinned it with my bare hands and snipped all the pieces of slimy fat that clung to the dark meat.

I’m going to have to say that the best part of preparing dinner was using my 2 new All Clad pots. I love them. Can’t believe I waited so long to buy them. But, then again, Bed Bath and Beyond just started including All Clad on their coupons.

Text received from Hannah last night referring to yesterday’s post: “Can you please specify that I took the PETA pamphlet for the recipes . . . not the articles.” I read it out loud while eating chicken with Drew. “Is this all about me? Am I going to be upset?” Ah, my poor delusional drewie, no it’s not ALL about you but I’m not a fortune teller.

For someone who doesn’t want to be so much a part of my blog, Drew fooled me. I mentioned that I wanted to put a link in a post but I was befuddled trying (surprised? not at all.) So he comes over and grabs my computer and says,”Here, I’ll show you.” “What’s the web site?” “I hate macs.” “This isn’t working, what happened?” and again, “I hate macs.” “Stop, stop, I haven’t spent that much time figuring it out,” I plead.” I’m still learning,”  I say, begging him to give me back my mac. “YOU SAID YOU COULDN’T DO IT! I’ll show you,” he yells as his fingers scrambled over my keyboard.  So he did it his way and posted the Happiness Quiz for me. Did I learn anything? Yes, I did. I learned to keep quiet and figure it out at my own pace. (At this time let me say thanks to my stud hub for helping me in my time of need. but now I still have to learn how to do it.)

Did I mention that dinner was great last night . . . mmm, that chicken was a real taste treat . . .  every juicy body part!

Does dark chocolate have feelings? I wonder . . .

Dinner tonight is spicy shrimp, and roasted brussel sprouts, maybe some leftovers too.


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