you’re too old to go to a rock concert

(Thank you, Drew, for that comment.) That’s how my Monday began. Actually it began when I lifted my head off my pillow and  I still heard the buzzing in my head from the night before. Drew’s been stuffing cotton balls in his ears during concerts for years now. I, however, never had this problem of ringing . . . buzzing . . . static . . . in my head after a loud concert until last night. I love my silence . . . now what, do I stand under the shower to drown out the noise? Do I listen to music, keep the tv on all day long . . . or, maybe, make this static in my head my totally personal mantra.

I’m trying to figure out what to do with this blog. I thought I would start out every morning writing about Ask Amy and all the comments my stud hub makes in the morning and end with my dinner menu. But I’ve strayed from that already and I’m bored with it. Amy was boring today, by the way. Now I think maybe I will change the format of this page and set it up like my newsletter. Maybe some recipes, family secrets, photos. It’s just so much easier to use a pencil, eraser, some tape, and an xacto knife. Okay, maybe not. I better get on this right away. I am, for now, striving for at least 300 words a day. Today I’m finding it hard to get to 300 words but I think I’m pretty close.

Dinner tonight was vegetarian hot and sour soup, quinoa and broccoli salad, and roasted cauliflower.

Still hearing lots of static. I thought by now it would be gone. And you know what it sounds like . . .  cicadas – –  lots of them. I have a head full of cicadas! Good night.

Ah, and there you have it — 300 words . . . exactly!


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