Day One

I am drinking my coffee this morning and drew says, “Get a paper and pencil so you can write down your chore for today.” So I obediently do so . . . which was a surprise to my drew. And then he gives me a chore, “Go to, blah, blah, blah.”

So that’s how my day started. For years drew has been bugging me to start a blog. It’s not enough that every once in a while I actually put together the SommerTimes newsletter to tell all the world about our family. Now, after all these years, when all around me is quiet I thought I would make him happy and start this blog. What to write — I don’t know — and I’m not even sure I know what I am doing.

I’m not sure about blogging because when I write I like to let it sit a bit and  – – – well, sometimes it takes time before the right words come to me — like now, for instance. Hey, but if it keeps drew happy, I’m happy. Blog, cook, blog, cook . . . . happy, happy drew!

It’s 12:08 pm and I’ve signed on to skype hoping to talk to cheryl. Nothing yet. Think I will head out and get some other chores done.

I mean, I feel like I should write some more but then what will I say tomorrow? Do bloggers blog once a day? Or is it okay to blog as you live? Is it like Facebook? Too much constant useless information, or like Twitter . . . hmm, wonder what rachel has twatted lately? Something about her sty? or her new glasses?

Should I capitalize names? What if I misspell a word? Who will notice? Will anyone care?

Oh, the hell with it, let the world know about my aches and my pains, my soups and my salads, my drew and my girls . . . let’s see if I can even get this posted for now. Drew, are you out there? xo

OMG, now what. . .  am i suppose to pick a category? I see uncategorized checked off . . . don’t i want to be somewhere? Tomorrow I’ll deal with it. Already I am getting a headache trying to figure out how to set this up . . .

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